Monday, July 30, 2018

DAY 023 -- "Making My Own Time"

I’m giving you yesterday’s report today because yesterday was a day off from treatments and I was out doing what I’d rather be doing all the time: riding the Harley (pacing myself, of course), and looking and sounding good (at least in my eyes and ears).

But, I’m pressed for time this morning, even though I’ve become quite adept at making my own time when I want it. So, let’s just enjoy a few artsy-fartsy pics from the ride.

One might need an explanation, but it could be more fun if you made up your own.

Oh, and things to ask the Doc today:

1. Has anyone ever had their lung cancer cured, but then had skin cancer move in? (I’ve acquired a sore, radiant rash where I’ve been getting the radiation treatments).

2. Should any cancer patient being treated with radiation and chemo go easy on the citrus? Must I give up orange juice?

3. How ‘bout those Red Sox?

More as we go, El

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