Sunday, August 19, 2018

DAY 041 -- "Warming The Bench"

Today’s cancer quiz. This picture is:

A. An ocean floor view of Montezuma’s String Kelp, found only in one remote northeastern Atlantic location.

B. The moment that the new patented rolling-soap soft bristle car wash brush was about to contact my windshield for the first time.

C. The first photo ever taken of the edge wall inside an F-5 tornado.

D. A sunrise drones-eye view of Prickly Prairie Grass.

E. A super close-up of B. Elwin Sherman's returning head hair/fuzz.

A wonderful quote today from the late Buddhist practitioner Rick Fields: “I don’t have a life-threatening disease, I live a disease-threatening life.” Thanks to my friend Mitch Eagan for forwarding that to me. For the record, Mitch is the only person I know who copyrights his garden vegetables.

I confess that until I read that, I just hadn’t thought of my life as the offensive team captain playing in the Superbowl of Me vs. Cancer. If I thought about it in those terms at all, then I was hitting the ground limping and warming the bench as a third string defensive outside linebacker.

It’s changing the way I’m playing this sporting life.

Most times in this multiple-choice life of ours, a football metaphor will do nicely.

So, I’m taking the day off to watch baseball. The cancer will have to wait (see what I did there?).

More as we go, El

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